Limes - 800grams S/F

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Limes - 800grams S/F

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800g - Limes Spray Free.


Straight from our citrus grove.

Limes are rarely eaten raw due to their tartness but are used to flavor many sweet and savory dishes. They can be used in basically the same manner as lemons but are stronger in flavor so generally a smaller amount is required. They are used in sauces or as an accompaniment to fish and poultry.

Lime juice and lime zest will enhance the flavor of fruits, vegetables, salads, and other dishes without adding fat or a lot of calories. It also allows less salt to be used.

Limes are also used in baked goods and desserts to provide a light, fresh flavor. They are used in the famous Key Lime pie.

They are also used as a garnish, in the form of a slice or wedge added to the plate or to the rim of a beverage glass. Lime juice is used in several popular alcoholic beverages, such as margaritas and daiquiris.

Lime zest (the green part of the peel) is also used to add flavor when cooking and baking.

Besides adding flavor, limes are used for other purposes when preparing food. Their high content of vitamin C is the ascorbic acid needed to prevent the discoloring of the flesh of fruits and vegetables that oxidize quickly when exposed to the oxygen in the air. Lime juice makes a great meat tenderizer and marinade.

Storage Tip! Limes keep well in the fridge.