Horsham Downs Country Honey 500grams
Horsham Downs Country Honey 500grams

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Horsham Downs Country Honey 500grams

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500g Horsham Downs Country Honey


Sweetree's Horsham Downs Country is collected from our home apiary just a few minutes north of Hamilton.  This area is predominantly farmland and country living with bush gullies beside the Waikato River.  Here our bees forage on pasture and river wildflowers, garden flowers and natives. Everyone will enjoy this honey!

Thick country honey reminiscent of simpler days. With an honest beeswax aroma the taste is toffee apple deliciousness with a real buttery finish. Slather it on thick hearty toast and relax.

Here is Some Customer Feedback:

'We buy your beautiful raw honey in glass jars because it suits our biomedical way of living and eating (natural and minimum plastics/toxins). We all love the Horsham Downs Country honey. The children eat it on their homemade bread. If they have a sore throat they ask for a spoon of honey to suck. It's the best honey in New Zealand, tastes fantastic and keeps us healthy'.
Sam Walker, Hamilton

"Thanks so much for the wonderfully packaged order I received. The packet of Borage seeds were a nice touch, and I was pleased to get the Honey Sticks for my wee ones Christmas stocking .... but the HONEY! The Horsham Downs Country honey is just divine, so satiny, not grainy at all. My daughter usually "hates" honey, but since trying yours she has happily had honey sandwiches for school!   Thanks again for an outstanding product and service!"
Kim Palmer, Walkworth