Bok Choy (shanghai) S/F

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Bok Choy (shanghai) S/F

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1 bundle of Bok Choy (shanghai) Spray Free


A leafy green member of the diverse Chinese cabbage group. Bok choy, while technically a Chinese cabbage, does not form heads, but instead forms bunches of long, thick stalks.

Bok chy has a mild Green/Sweet/Bitter flavour profile. 

Simply wash the leaves and stems in cold water, making sure to get in between the stalks where dirt can build up.

Can be eaten cooked or raw, the former being more common.


Storage Tips! 

Short Term: Refrigerate (unwashed, 3-7 days in a breathable plastic bag in the crisper)
Long Term: Blanch in boiling water 2 mins, drain and rinse with cold water, then freeze.