Suncakes Gardens

Suncake's Gardens has been a regular stallholder at the Hamilton and Cambridge Farmers' Markets and is lovingly tended by David & Hong. 

Together with their three children, they work their 10 acre property; Seven acres is sowed, weeded (by hand!), fed and nurtured for Spray-free vegetable growing. 

Originally from China, David's parents specialised in traditional fire crackers for festivals as well as market gardening. Having grown up around food for most of his childhood, David developed his own green fingers and decided to move to Auckland where he worked for 8 years managing 35 acres of vegetable growing production. David and his family have spent the last 5 years in the Waikato region growing, loving and living it up. 

When David cannot be found in the gardens, you will find him mulling over some complex mathematical equations as part of his part-time university education, "Maths is good, it's a good exercise". David surely knows how to keep himself occupied and sharp! 

David and Hong enjoy the full connection to the Earth, quality instead of quantity is how they focus moving forward. As soon as they secured Suncakes Gardens, they began the slow but steady shift into organics. One day they hope to have a fully organic and sustainable operation. 

Shop Suncakes Gardens selection for fresh leafy greens, hearty winter vegetables and asian vegetables. 

What is David's favourite vegetable to grow? Carrots.  



Suncakes coming soon!