Over the Moon Dairy

We are a small team with a big passion, sharing a love of the South Waikato district and a real interest in innovating and exploring the unchartered frontiers of the New Zealand dairy industry.
As a learning organisation, we expand in numbers several times a year as we host interns from European engineering and culinary schools.
Our cheeses have won national and international awards every year since our factory opened, including at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich - UK,  World Champion Cheese Contest in Wisconsin - USA  and accolades every year at the New Zealand Champion of Cheese Awards.
We’ve partnered with other artisan cheese producers to create award-winning cheeses for them too!
 Our Cheeses
Our special cheeses are made through traditional processes, paying homage to the great time-honoured methods of cheesemaking internationally.
But we’re not afraid to try something new.
With the highest-quality local ingredients, a bank of exceptional recipes and a drive to explore new flavour combinations, our two cheesemakers Gee and Craig are in our ‘make room’ between 6am and 2pm each weekday producing their next batch of world-class handmade cheese.
The best time to watch cheese being made is between 10am and 12 noon Monday to Thursday. It’s best to ring us before you come to guarantee we’ll be making cheese when you visit.
Christine at Hamilton Farmers' Market