Manuka Brothers


It has been an awesome six years for us so far here at Manuka Brothers' Coffee.

In mid 2013 we had the idea to roast coffee over wood embers. If wood fired pizzas tasted so much better than pizzas from an oven, then what could this process do to coffee? Being Brothers In-Law we often have the chance to chat and develop this idea at many family gatherings.

After a few failed attempts and a bit of DIY genius we created 'piglet', named after her shape, not after the amount of beans she could handle. At one point we were spoon scooping 80grams at a time to roast coffee. Laughable now, but back then we were super excited about our developing project.

Even though the batches were extremely small, the flavour of the coffee was incredible. We also tried a few different kinds of wood, but nothing could beat the sweet flavour produced by Manuka; even the quality of the wood made a huge difference.

It was time to take this coffee thing to the next level and design a roaster that could produce more than a few cups. After designing and prototyping we finally built a machine we are extremely proud of, not only for the quality of product produced, but also the unique engineering and craftsmanship of her design. We named her Black Betty.



Our Coffee
We use the very best quality Arabica beans we can find, from all over the world. We never 'green blend'. Each single origin is roasted individually to bring out the best characteristics and flavour.

Choose from Mexican,Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or Colombian for your Single Origin coffee, or perhaps you would like our delicious Blend using three of these stunning single origins, Manuka Brother's Blend.

Mexican -FTO - (note: this bean is currently unavailable due to supply issues)
(Fair Trade, Organic) Sweet, clean with gentle flavours of melon and caramel, this is extremely smooth, delicately flavoured roast.

Nicaraguan - FTO
Clean, milk chocolate, nutty, caramel, light citric notes. Washed and Patio sun-dried.

Peruvian - FTO
Rich and full bodied with a gentle sweetness. Our Peruvian has a lot of character for a single origin; if you enjoy a slightly darker roast this bean is for you.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Subtle notes of lemongrass and sticky orange marmalade, combined with the background richness of chocolate creates a beautifully balanced coffee.

This luscious big bean enjoys being roasted medium dark, producing a full bodied chocolatey flavour with a great mouth feel.

Manuka Brother's Blend
This is the ultimate roast. We have spent time exploring the tastes, roast times and unique qualities of a range of beans, and have chosen this combination. This is the first Manuka Brothers' blend; combining Nicaraguan, Peruvian and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans. This blend is full bodied, rich coffee with complexity and depth of flavour; subtle fruity notes, combined with dark cocoa creates a well balanced and satisfying drink that people are raving about.

​Swiss water decaf
Finally, a great tasting decaf! 100% chemical free decaffeination process. Removes the caffeine without compromising on flavour. We use a Brazillian bean, roasted medium dark. Nice!

We are constantly trying other single origins. Look out for the bags with the dark blue sticker. Beans we've roasted include Kenyan AA, Paupa New Guinea, Costa Rican, Guatamalan, to name a few.